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    Our company wants to provide the highest level of service for maintaining the quality of our Clients' turf.

    Our goal is to facilitate, promote and demonstrate the importance of using specialist turf products, not only for the environment, but also for the  development and maintenance of the turf at Stadiums and other Sports Facilities. Our Clients can rely on us improving the quality, strength and turf durability.

News and Promotions

  • Jan. 24.2013.

    Receive a 50€ coupon for a bag of The Andersons®  fertilizer once, when you purchase a SR2000® ProSpreader.

  • Jan. 10.2013.

    Turf Protection - Products for Rent.  Increase the income of your Stadium/Arena or any grassed area.

  • Jan. 10.2013.

    Fertilizers, Spreaders, Special Products, used for maintaining turf in the most demanding markets.


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